The following are the result of the Center Level Hemkunt speech competition


Guru Nanak Khalsa School
Hemkunt Foundataion Speeech Competition 2024
Center Level Results
Group 1
Name Position Class Qualifies for Zonal on June 1st
Nirvair Singh Setia First 2B Yes
Suhavi Kaur Lamba First 3C Yes
Khivi Kaur Dhindsa First 4A Yes
Suhavi Kaur Singh Second 3A Yes
Neev Singh Khanuja Second 3B Yes
Ganeev Kaur Chadha Second 3D Yes
Sachleen Kaur Barn Third 2B No
Ruhbani Kaur  Third 3A No
Suhaavi Kaur  Third 3B No
Group 2
Name Position Class Qualifies for Zonal on June 1st
Fateh Singh  First 5A Yes
Noor Kaur Narang First 7A Yes
Mehar  Makar First 1J Yes
Sevak Singh  Second 6B Yes
Dilnoor Kaur Dhillon Second 6A Yes
Sangam Singh Dhaliwal Second 7A Yes
Enoor Kaur Bhullar Third 6A Yes
Achraj Singh Girdhar Third 4A Yes
Hargun Kaur Virk Third 7A No
Group 3
Name Position Class Qualifies for Zonal on June 1st
Simrat Kaur  First 7B Yes
Navnidh Kaur Arora First 4B Yes
Aleena Singh  First 7A Yes
Simrat Kaur Hundal Second 7B Yes
Veer Singh Atkar Second 8A Yes
Himmet Singh Chadha Second 7A Yes
Arshdeep Kaur  Third 7B NO
Arsheen Kaur Pahwa Third 5B NO
Pavit Kaur Kohli Third 7B NO
Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fateh
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The following is the list of students who have qualfied for the Center Level competition
to be held on May 4, 2024. The qualifications are based on the teacher recommendations
after the Class level Competition held on March 17 and March 24 and registrations
done via the registration form.

If your name is not in the list and you still want to participate please register yourself 
using the following form
Hemkunt Speech Registration 2024

The following are the participants as of 5/2/2024 . The list is sorted by Hemkunt group first
and then by class and then alphabetically with the first name of the child

23059 1F Ekam  Kaur Kaur 1
23054 1F Shajveer Singh Singh 1
23061 1G Arya Kaur Jaffer 1
23056 1G Gurseerat kaur Kaur 1
23069 1G Pallav kaur Nijjar 1
22038 1W Agamveer  Singh Singh 1
22019 1W Nishaan Singh Kaloti 1
19018 2A Jeevna Kaur   1
22121 2B Anaiya Kaur Khanuja 1
22068 2B Nirvair Singh Setia 1
19067 2B Riana Kaur Bagri 1
22076 2B Sachleen Kaur Barn 1
22097 2C Anhad  Kaur Saini 1
22102 2C Baneet Kaur Saini 1
22005 2C Sachdev Singh Sidhu 1
22100 2D Arjan Singh Ghangas 1
21028 3A Agam Singh Dhaliwal  1
21007 3A Suhavi Kaur Singh 1
22116 3B Neev  Singh khanuja 1
21009 3B Sirjan Preet Kaur kour 1
19060 3B Suhaavi Kaur   1
19012 3C Manroop Singh   1
19052 3C Suhavi Kaur Lamba 1
21034 3D Ajooni Kaur Dhindsa 1
19007 3D Ganeev Kaur Chadha 1
21076 3D Harnoor Kaur Kaur 1
23015 3D Naseeb Kaur Sandhu 1
19014 4A Arzoi Kaur   1
18047 4A Gurkirat Kaur Dhami 1
20033 4A Khivi Kaur Dhindsa 1
19107 4A Prabhnoor Singh   1
23064 1G Avani Kaur Heera 2
23125 1G Teerath Kaur Grewal 2
23118 1H gurfateh Singh singh 2
23012 1H Harjas Singh Singh 2
23074 1J Mehar    Makar 2
23037 1K Abhitaz Singh Mahal 2
23089 1K Apaar  Singh GANDHI 2
22107 2E Alisha Kaur Alang 2
17049 2E Uday Singh Sra 2
17146 2F Angad Singh Jhund 2
18011 3D Jasteg Singh Bhatia 2
21013 3E Nihaal Singh Kaloti 2
18054 3E Saanvi   Kamboj 2
18032 3E Simarjyot Kaur Bindra 2
18016 3F Baljinder Singh Multani 2
21035 3F Ekam Singh Dhindsa 2
21033 3F Nimrit Kaur Dhindsa 2
22101 3F Sonam Kaur Ghangas 2
21015 3G MANPREET Singh SINGH 2
19104 3G Mehar Singh Boparai 2
22137 3G Mehtab Singh Singh  2
21004 3G Tamaira  Kaur Batra 2
23031 4A Achraj Singh Girdhar 2
18008 4A Agam Singh Chadha 2
20037 4A Anbhao Singh   2
18100 4A Gurbaaz Singh Heera 2
17096 4B Japleen Kaur Saini 2
20019 4B Kiratnoor Singh Singh 2
19112 4B Navnidh Kaur Arora 2
18041 4B Sahib Singh Hundal 2
17108 4B Simar Singh Rai 2
23101 4B Simrit  Kaur Judge  2
18001 5A Angad Singh   2
18080 5A Fateh Singh   2
17088 5A Noor Kaur   2
16042 5A Pavittar Singh Dhami 2
18057 5A Raisa Kaur   2
17116 5A Ravneet Kaur Mann 2
18111 5A Rhea Singh   2
17062 5A Tanveer Kaur Bedi 2
19011 5B Avitesh Singh Athwal 2
17154 5B Gurshaan Singh Daula 2
17037 5B Gurshaan  Singh   2
17080 5B Saroop Kaur Bahad 2
17007 6A Arman Singh Purba 2
17058 6A Dilnoor Kaur Dhillon 2
17039 6A Enoor Kaur Bhullar 2
17084 6A Gurjaap Singh   2
17119 6A Jashan Singh Brar 2
18073 6A Ravleen Kaur Saini 2
16005 6A Samik Kumar Dev 2
16111 6B Jasmyra   Setia 2
16069 6B Sevak Singh   2
17087 6B Sukhmeet Kaur Sidhu 2
16014 7A Ajuni   Kaur 2
16017 7A Beyant Singh Sethi 2
16021 7A Fateh Singh Gill 2
16071 7A Gurmehr Singh Kahlon 2
15004 7A Hargun Kaur Virk 2
16110 7A Kabir Singh Grewal 2
17061 7A Kirpa Kaur Bedi 2
16125 7A Noor Kaur Narang 2
16108 7A Sangam Singh Dhaliwal 2
23041 1K Manreet Kaur Bajwa 3
22108 2F Amritjit  Kaur Kaur 3
17128 2F Siddak Singh Dhami 3
15091 4B Prabhjit Singh Dhillon 3
14019 4C Sachkeerat Kaur   3
19080 5B Angelpreet Kaur   3
23099 5B Arsheen Kaur Pahwa 3
15069 6A Kanwalnain Kaur Gaheer 3
14111 7A Aleena Singh   3
15046 7A Himmet Singh Chadha 3
16116 7A Meher Singh Nagi 3
16013 7A Sahaj Singh Bola 3
18064 7B Angad Singh Khosla 3
17032 7B Arshdeep  Kaur   3
17053 7B Gurleen Kaur   3
18042 7B Harkanwar Singh Gill 3
17008 7B Pavit Kaur Kohli 3
16073 7B Sidak Singh Sethi 3
15038 7B Simrat Kaur Hundal 3
17126 7B Simrat Kaur   3
15029 8A Daljit Singh Khurana 3
15003 8A Joshvir Singh Kamboe 3
17123 8A Prabhnoor Kaur   3
16060 8A Sahej Kaur   3
15052 8A Veer Singh Atkar 3
12254 5B Gagandeep   Kaur 4
18066 7B Sanjana Kaur Mann 4
17101 7B Tishneet Kaur Chhabra 4

The Hemkunt speech competition Center level will be held on May 4, 2024 at

Sikh Gurdwara San Jose 
Library Hall
3636 Murillo Ave San Jose 95148


Results of the Center Level Speech competition held on May 4, 2024

We plan to begin at 10 am

The center level competition will be for Groups 1, 2 and 3. All will be held in parallel  starting at 10 am

Groups 4 and 5 will be going straight to the Zonal Competition held on June 1, 2024

Depending on the actual participants that give the speech on May 4, 2024, 1 child for every 5 participants will go to the zonal level.

e.g if there are 15 participants 3 will go to zonal level, if there are 18 partcipants 4 will go to zonal level and so on....

Among all the students that gave the speech on March 17 and March 24 at the Class level, the following link has the ones that moved to Center level (Click to see)

Hemkunt Center Level Participants 2024

If your name is on the list and you do not intend to participate, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and let us know so that we can make arrangments accordingly

If your name is not on the list and you want to participate please fill the following form. 

Registration for Hemkunt Speech

We will publish the order of speech on Friday night before the competition.
If you are not present at the time your name is called then you will be called again after all other participants are done.
So plese be present when your name gets called

The results will be announced in assembly on Sunday, May 5, 2023 and then posted on the website

For books and questions please refer to the Hemkunt website as below:



We will have an open House of the Guru Nanak Khalsa School on Sunday (08/20/2023). There will be booths where we will give information about various programs of the Guru Nanak Khalsa School. The open house will be from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM in the corridor leading to the langar hall, on south side of the Main hall.

Please plan to attend.

We previously announced that we will be giving the books to the students on August 20, 2023. Due to some logistic issues, we will not be able to do that. Any inconvenience to you is regretted.