Level 1 - Mastery of the Alphabet

Duration: One or two semesters

Students in Level 1 will be able to

Identify the shape and sound of the Gurmukhi alphabet

Read simple two-three letter words

Name the rainbow colors in Punjabi

Count up to ten in Punjabi

Say the Sikh greetings of Sat Sri Akal


1. Stepping Stones- PSL-The Beginnings Book-1 Penty Akhri or Let's Learn Gurmukhi-The Gurmukhi Letters

2. Mukta Word-1

3. Gurmukhi Sulekh

4. Counting 1-10 Poster

5. The Rainbow Poster


Suggested Instructional Activities: In 45-50 minutes, you should be able to;

1. Recite all Penty Akhari each day for 3-4 times. Make sure the students are pointing to the letters as you say them.

2. Introduce the new letter, and practice the sound of that letter - ask the students to say many words that have the sound of that letter in it. Write these words on the board.

3. Write the letter many times to teach writing. (may take long time).

4. After the students have learned a few of the letter sounds, students write their own Mukta words by joining those letters e.g. h+s= hs = laugh. You may use the Mukta Words -1 book to teach them the Mukta words.

5. Teach names of colors of the rainbow. Use the poster. Practice each color by using it to color the pictures in Gurmukhi Letters. The instruction in colors should be complete in 3-4 weeks. Then keep on practicing the words in class.

6. After teaching the colors, use 5-10 minutes each day to teach the numbers 1-10 in Punjabi. Ask each student to tell their age in Punjabi, count body parts (iek n~k, do A~KW, pMj augMlIAW etc.) Use the poster to review the numbers.

7. Create a Punjabi word book by joining letters to make words. Students may copy or write their own words and draw pictures to go with each letter.

8. Assign homework for at least half an hour for Punjabi. e.g. write all the letters learned so far, five times each. Write your name in Punjabi three times. Write vocabulary words for the letter learned for the day.

9. Keep contact with the parents, and keep a record of the students' performance and progress in your Teacher Record Book.

Written by Pushpinder Kaur: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.