Class Lists

All current student forms pre-filled will be availableat the office in May.

You are requested to pickup the forms between 1pm and 3pm, verify / correct student information and complete the registration on any school day.

In-office registration will suspend for summer break after June 5th and resume on Sunday, August 7th

Last year, we had more than 700 students register. It takes time to register so many children. Please help us to make this process shorter and smoother by registering early.

The early-registration fee structure is as follows:

·         Gurmat & Punjabi: $110

·         Kirtan or Tabla: $190

·         Gurmat, Punjabi & Kirtan or Tabla: $210

Payments can be made via Check (preferred method), Credit Card, or Cash.

We encourage early registration. The fee structure will change on August 28th as mentioned on the forms. Any registration after September 11th will be wait-listed till we are able to create new classes; registrations will be subject to a late fee thereafter (over and above published fee). Late fee will be $15 for one program, and $30 for two programs

Please note that the 2016-2017 school session will start on Sunday, August 21st 2016. We hope you will be able to come on the first day with your child. 

For the coming year, returning students are expected to re-use their school bags; new name tags will be provided. Lost bags will be replaced for a $15 fee. The bags cost a lot of money and effort. Thank you in advance in helping us in reusing the bags and using school resources efficiently.